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Manage Company Account Database Records


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Our company is aimed in providing best financial accounting software for carrying out financial business transactions in the most effective manner. Accounting software is simple to understand and easy to use as it does not require anymore accountants for solving large or complex calculations (generally resulting in human errors) and reduces bundle of paper work. Software helps people to increase business productivity and prospects in a less span of time.
О компании:
Manage Company Account Database Records
Financial accounting software easily gathers and manages overall business financial records of an organization at one place in a systematic way with the help of barcode feature to compute the company growth and income expenses for a fiscal year.
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Financial Accounting Software (standard) is capable of managing all the business financial accounting details of many companies at one place in an organized manner to compute business transactions annually. Bookkeeping software maintains records like tax information, voucher entry, item details, sales-purchase details, customer-vendor information etc effectively.
Powerful financial accounting software (enterprise) maintains the accounting details of a company at one place (for user convenience) like sales / purchase records, automated bills, client-vendor records, stock inventory records, payment voucher, receipt voucher and many more for carrying out the business transaction activities in a computerized and systematic manner with the help of barcode feature.
Accounting management utility generates reports like stock report, production report, account report (like bank book, debit / credit note etc), sales report, final report (includes balance sheet, trial balance etc) purchase report to know about the company growth in a financial year.
With Some extra ordinary Features:
Maintain and manage accounting books in a computerized and organized manner for analyzing the financial growth of a company.
Advanced software feature enables to filter the required records as per user needs at any point of time and can generate information of a particular item.
Software provides facility to import important documents or information from various computer systems through local area network.
Maintain company's inventory management system and other financial details of stock information easily and perform business transaction in any currency.

Company Name: Business Software
Email: anya@drpusoftware.com

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